When I left the State Patrol to write, some of you asked me to blog about the world of writing.  This blog is mostly about the dogs, but let me take a moment to update you on the fun new world I’m exploring. Headshot

Writing is easy. Publishing is hard. I am assembling a “rock star” support team of consultants to help me navigate the waters.  Not cheap, but rookie mistakes could be even more expensive.

The biggest thing I’ve had to learn is to promote my book while it’s still being written. That feels like selling a promise, and initially left me uncomfortable. But I suppose if I wait until the book is completely written, there could be a lag time before the marketing has an effect.

I’ve also had to get back on a schedule, just like I was working. It’s not that I’ve been goofing off, I’m busy all the time.  Most everything was getting done, but sometimes high priority tasks got bogged down behind other stuff. It just felt disorganized.

And as of this writing, I’m still looking desperately for an illustrator.  If you can draw cartoonish images of dogs, I’d like to see your stuff.

The good wishes have been flowing in, many of them saying “congratulations on your retirement.” I appreciate the kind thoughts, but I’m not retired. I left daily employment to earn a living by following a passion. With a month under my belt, I know it was the right move and I’ll encourage you to follow your dreams as well.

Everyone’s been so nice.  I hope you’ll be this nice when you see me approaching with a stack of books to sell you. I promise not to be a pain in the rear.

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