I’m gratified that so many of you have asked for a sequel to Digger. I’m pleased to report that we’re in the home stretch of production.

The delay was out of respect for you. Although I write fiction, I’m committed to making it realistic fiction worthy of your time. Without spoiling Digger, the solution to that mystery was easy for me to envision. But Bryce and Sierra are search and rescue volunteers. They can’t go flitting around town like Aurora Teagarden or Jessica Fletcher being busybodies. They’d get kicked out of SAR if they tried.

The long-awaited sequel, Payout – The Scent of Money, was easy to write, but much harder to envision. Coming up with a mystery that could be ferreted out by a volunteer search and rescue dog handler took me almost a year. How’d I do it? By hiking with Ruger in secluded forests and just thinking “what if?” After months of “what ifs” I finally sat down at a keyboard and started cranking.

Look for something in a few short weeks. Maybe the ides of March? Hope so. I’ll keep you posted on how to acquire your copy.

Stay found!

# # #

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