Iunusual for both dogs and handlers to be injured in the same incident. Traffic collisions are the most common events, but falls, hypothermia and even contact with hazardous materials can send you to separate facilities.

In my truck I carry a pre-filled, signed document authorizing treatment and guaranteeing payment to any vet who treats my dog in my absence. Yes, it requires them to guess at what my wishes would be, but it does give reasonable guidance to an ethical vet. I’d rather pay more at an unethical vet than have my dog die because a vet wasn’t sure they’d get paid.

I’m no whiz with MS Word, but attached for your use is a blank version of the document I use. Feel free to download and copy/modify and keep it with your vehicle registration and insurance papers. Be sure to include any meds or nutritional supplements your dog is on. That’s as critical in the canine world as for humans.

Let’s hope you never need this.

Stay found!

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