With the chance of more snow in the forecast, there’s probably still time for a product review I meant to do much earlier in the season.

I’ve had the chance to use a couple of different traction devices for walking on snow and ice, and Katahoola Microspikes are the hands down winners. There’s another brand that was first on the scene, and like many “firsts” it was a great idea. But Katahoola has worked the bugs out, and their microspikes are the closest thing to crampons without needing to be on Mt. Everest.

They go over your boots easily, and unlike “Brand Y” they stay in place. I found that the Brand Y devices have too big an opening between the straps at the front. That allowed them to slide back down the toe of the boot, eventually bunching up under my arch. The design of the Katahoolas prevents that.

They’re priced at $69.95 at REI. REI also carries another version called NanoSpikes which look good, but which I haven’t tried. From the pictures, they might be a little more comfortable to walk on, with rubber soles and embedded studs, almost like a snow tire. If somebody has experience with them, speak up!

Stay upright and Stay Found!

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