Yes, it’s been a little quiet here.  I come to the world of authorship with a bias that most don’t have.

To call yourself an author, you gotta write.  As a working daily journalist, I saw many people who called themselves “authors” who had the tweed jacket with patches on the sleeves, but hadn’t written a word in weeks.  They were posers.

Conversely, I’ve received very good advice that one can’t wait until the book is written and printed to begin the marketing process.  I certainly want to jump start the sales process, but I refuse to put the tweed jacket before the horse.  (Though I am apparently OK with mixing metaphors.)

The good news is that both my mystery novel “Digger,” and my first childrens book “Sierra Becomes a Search Dog” are written and in the final stages of editing. So plan on seeing more from me in this venue in the days and weeks to come. I’ll write about the journey to truly calling myself an author, along with good information I find about search and rescue.

Stay tuned.


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