Life as an author is overwhelmingly good. Although the work requires commitment and discipline, there is also great flexibility. If I go on a SAR mission during the day, I can write in the evening. That alone validates leaving a great job to try my hand at writing.

Every good thing has downside, though, and I’m learning about THE downside for authors. Last week I sent the manuscript for “Digger” (my novel for grown-ups) to my book shepherd. She’s very busy, and I’d be stunned if she’s had time to look at it already. Despite that, I’m biting my nails waiting to hear what she thinks.160114 Magnum

  • Confusing plot or chapters out of order?
  • Are my side plots about interesting searches good context and entertaining reading, or just unsatisfying rabbit-trails?
  • How do I handle dialogue? I think pretty well, but I know exactly what I mean. Will readers be able to follow a conversation?

My book shepherd warned me that I was at a stage where all authors overthink their books. I needed to send it off to her and just relax for awhile. I’ll see it again after the editor has done her work.

Magnum seems to be the one taking that advice.  He’s just discovered a new chair in our family room, and is chillin’ the way I ought to be.

I think the upholstery goes with his coat pretty well, don’t you?

# # #

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