In my role as an emergency services Public Information Officer I used to suggest, with tongue firmly in cheek, that fire departments take small cuddly pets with them TO fires. Upon arrival they were to provide oxygen, let the animal appear to wake up, and they’d soon be getting positive national press.

The fact is, saving animals is almost better than saving people.

SAR teams, usually mountain rescue types, occasionally create ad hoc “training days” to help a pet owner whose beloved companion has gone over a cliff.

From the Wolfe Co., KY SAR Team Facebook Page


Such was the case for a Wolfe County, KY, SAR team earlier this week. As reported by TV station WLEX in Lexington, the team rescued a Jack Russell Terrier who’d gone over an embankment the previous night.

The dog is fine and the SAR team is getting major kudos in the press. We’re glad the pup is OK. Some dogs have a concept of falling and gravity, and some don’t. It would be interesting to see the dog’s reaction the next time it gets near a cliff.

Full story here


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