As (sadly) traditional media are diluted by their own numbers, syndicated programming, and various sources on the internet, I’m getting out of my comfort zone. I know how to pitch a radio news director for a story or interview that would incidentally promote my book. But I’m still feeling my way with bloggers. Unlike broadcasters, some bloggers don’t have the strict firewall between sales and news. The ethical ones at least identify sponsored posts but it’s been interesting. One blog wanted $600 to post a story that would benefit them, and incidentally promote my book. Um, no.

Planning a day hike this summer with your family? Check out five things you need to stay safe while hiking, from a SAR expert!Others have been incredibly gracious. Such was the case with Nikki at She told me what fit her genre, I produced it, and she published it. I’m looking forward to hearing that it worked for her as well as for me. I provided (I hope) good information, and in return she let me publicize my book. That works for both of us.

It’s a nice blog all around, and especially for Moms with kids. I’d encourage a visit.

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