June 30, 2017

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Bryce Bumps His Head now available in audiobook form

Second audiobook in the Sierra the Search Dog series, available on

AudioCoverSierraWEBnologo(Olalla, WA)—Callout Press announced today that Bryce Bumps His Head, the fourth book in the Sierra the Search Dog series, is now available in audiobook form.  Written by Robert D. Calkins and narrated by Christine Lay, Bryce Bumps His Head is a chapter book intended for beginning readers. It’s the story of a search for a missing Girl Scout in which Sierra the Search Dog must save the day…twice.

“Because this book is for beginning readers, parents might wish to buy both the hard copy and audiobook versions,” Calkins said. “Their child can read along with the audiobook, helping them quickly enhance reading skills and build vocabulary.”

Calkins was especially pleased with the narration by Christine Lay.

“Christine has the perfect voice for youngsters,” Calkins said. “I chose her for this project because she comes across as a storyteller rather than a narrator. Christine is able to be casual and friendly, but still models the kind of language skills our children should be hearing.”

For her part, Lay was surprised at how much she learned about wilderness safety, and dogs.

Bryce Bumps His Head is first and foremost an entertaining book,” Lay said. “But I never expected to also learn so much about wilderness safety and how search dogs do their important work. This is a great book for any family that enjoys time in the wilderness.”

Bryce Bumps His Head explores the topics of wilderness safety, quiet leadership, trust and flexibility while telling the entertaining story of a wilderness rescue.

Callout Press broke the mold for the publishing industry, producing stories for all ages with the same character set.  Bryce Finn and Sierra the Search Dog are consistent characters across all books as Sierra grows from a playful puppy to a full-fledged search dog.  Entire families are enjoying age-appropriate stories about Sierra’s adventures in the wilderness. For more information, readers can go to or visit

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The Sierra the Search Dog spectrum of books.

Read-to-Me Books (Pre-school age)

  • Sierra Becomes a Search Dog – The story of a little Golden Retriever puppy who excels at neighborhood games of hide-and-seek. Sierra turns that skill into a life-saving act when a little neighbor girl goes missing.
  • Sierra the Search Dog Finds Fred – Ted’s friend Fred goes to the store to buy some bread, but doesn’t return. Is he under the bed? In the shed? Sierra uses Fred’s stinky shoe to follow his scent, and her discovery has everyone dancing.

Chapter Books (Elementary School Age)

  • Bryce Bumps His Head – Dana is a Girl Scout who gets separated from the rest of her troop while hiking in bad weather. The search is a dangerous one, and Sierra ends up rescuing two people that day. Bryce Bumps His Head is a fun book that also explores the topics of safety in the woods, respect for others and leadership.

Mystery Novels (Teens and Up)

  • Digger, The Case of the Chimera Killer – Bodies are continuing to turn up in the woods around Kitsap County, Washington. Sierra, in her role as a cadaver dog, works many of the scenes and her nose reveals important clues. Bryce and Sierra remain one step behind the killer, and one step ahead of police in trying to unravel the mystery. Along the way, Bryce meets and nearly loses his first love and learns the manly art of saying “yes, dear” at all the right times.

Media Fact Sheet

The “Sierra the Search Dog” spectrum of books, available in bookstores and on

For a review copy of any title call 1-844-344-4374 or e-mail

Title:                Digger—Sierra and the Case of the Chimera Killer
Author:           Robert D. Calkins
Publisher:      Callout Press
Pub. Date:      May, 2015
Price:              $15.95 Softcover
ISBN:              978-0-997191127
Pages:             346

Title:                Sierra Becomes a Search Dog
Author:           Robert D. Calkins
Illustrator:     Taillefer Long
Publisher:      Callout Press
Pub. Date:      May, 2015
Price:              $10.95
ISBN:              978-0-997191103
Pages:             32

Title:               Sierra the Search Dog Finds Fred
Author:          Robert D. Calkins
Illustrator:    Taillefer Long
Publisher:     Callout Press
Pub. Date:     May, 2015
Price:             $10.95
ISBN:             978-0-997191141
Pages:            32

Title:              Bryce Bumps His Head
Author:         Robert D. Calkins
Illustrator:   Taillefer Long
Publisher:    Callout Press
Pub. Date:    Dec. 2016
Price:            $10.95
ISBN:            978-0-997191110
Pages:           63

Coming Soon:

Sierra the Search Dog Saves Sally (Childrens)

I Need a Search Cat (Elementary Readers)

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