A quick unscheduled post here because some video came my way that’s worth seeing.

The point of the video is a joke, watching dogs dance around because they’re wearing booties for the first time. But there’s a legitimately important point buried in all the fun video.

If your dog ever gets a foot injury, it’ll likely need some form of bandage or boot. Better to get it used to booties now so that you’re not dealing with an already-injured dog who’s trying to shake that funny-feeling thing off its foot. Don’t get four of the $36 dollar kind or whatever the pet stores sell.


You can get some decent quality sled-dog booties for less than $5 each at Nordkyn.com, a firm which makes sled dog accessories. Those are adequate for acclimatizing, or getting your dog as far as the vet.

When my dog isn’t injured, I use the booties to carry spare batteries for my GPS and two-way SAR radio. I’ve got one or two in my first aid kit as well.

Full credit to The Pet Collective for the video. Visit their site, like their page, buy their stuff. I’m not trying to rip anything off. It’s just a fun video that makes a good point about dogs.

Click Here to watch the Dancing Dogs video.

And click here to check out the Sierra the Search Dog series of books for all ages.

Stay Found!

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