Your grandmother was right. Chicken soup cures almost everything, and that’s even true in the dog world.

Two of the biggest problems with working dogs are being too hot, and being too cold. Chicken Soup, or more accurately low-sodium chicken broth, can help with each of those.

Low-Sodium Chicken Broth for cooling or heating your dog.

For hot days, freeze a can of chicken broth. Let it thaw just enough to get it out of the can, and drop it in your dog’s water bowl. It’ll not only cool the water, but as it melts the flavor will encourage your dog to drink. The only caution is against leaving the mixture out too long after the block completely melts. Just like any other food, it needs to be kept cool, or hot. Which brings me to the next suggestion.

When it’s cold, some hot chicken broth in a thermos is great when your dog gets back to the car. Cold days can be dry days, so your dog can still be dehydrated. Getting them to drink some lukewarm chicken broth can both warm and rehydrate your K9 buddy. How hot? Check a few drops on your wrist, just like you might check milk from a baby bottle.

Is chicken soup good for the soul? I don’t know, but chicken broth is good for the dog, and the dog is definitely good for your soul.

Stay Found!

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