I know you. We’ve met. You’re a responsible dog owner. You keep your dog under control, give other dogs appropriate space, and always always always pick up your pooch’s poop.

But what do you do when there’s no garbage can in the immediate vicinity? Some good spots are so remote there’s no reason to put a can there. In other places the cans attract vermin or get vandalised, and are being removed by park managers.

So when it’s time to head home after doing your civic doody, where do you carry it? Even the thickest of bags allow some odor to get out. You do not want that in your car or SUV, especially on a hot day- and double-especially if you’re making a stop along the way.

The gas cap cover on my Tahoe will easily hold a bag of poop, and my pickup will hold two! No odor inside the rig, and no danger of it coming loose from some other attachment point such as the radio antenna or windshield wiper. When you get to the gas station there’s always a garbage can, and plenty of other odors to mask the one you’re leaving.

So there you have it. A place to keep a baggie of poop without stinking up the car. You can be a responsible dog owner and not have your sinuses start to close up

*Urgent Footnote: You might not want to try this in Oregon, or any state that requires an attendant to pump your gas. That’s a surprise they don’t deserve.

*Even More-Urgent Footnote: do not EVER put a baggie of dog poop under your windshield wiper. An accidental activation has only two outcomes, both bad. 1) The bag breaks. Ewww. 2) The bag doesn’t break and is launched into the path of a motorcycle cop.

Stay Found!

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