Amazon gives you lots of metrics about sales, and I’m excited. Digger – Sierra and the Case of the Chimera Killer is already on Amazon’s list of best selling books.160518 Ranking

OK, we’re not exactly in first place. Or second. Actually, we’re ranked at 82,021 but hey…we’re on the list!

Hard copies will ship on Monday, May 23, and e-reader versions will be available for downloads at that time.

This whole journey as an author is exciting. I was reasonably experienced at my former career. It’s kinda fun being a rookie again and learning lots. Now I just need to figure out how to move the needle and maybe end up in the top 50,000 or so of the country’s best authors.

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One thought on “On the Best Seller List!

  1. Just preordered and am looking forward to adding a review somewhat more useful than, “fast shipping and well packaged…”.



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