There’s lots of geeks out there who can blog, FB, Instagram all on their smartphone while rebuilding their desktop with the other hand. But I have the original geek card: a ham radio license dating back to 1969. My original call sign as a “Novice” was WN7NUU. When I upgraded to “Advanced” there was a slight change to WA7NUU. I’ve declined the opportunity to pay for a special vanity call sign, as I’ve grown comfortable with my “Nothing Un Usual” signature.

I don’t use ham radio much anymore, though the hobby appears to be thriving.¬†Despite the availability of the internet, talking to the other side of the world on “shortwave” frequencies still provides a thrill. And hams were the first to spew completely meaningless information world-wide.

You think Twitter is full of drivel? Here’s how a shortwave “roundtable net” might go on a Sunday morning.

“Good morning all on the net from WA7NUU here in Olalla, Washington. The weather here is good but things are a little tough around the house today. We’re out of whole milk and I had to use two-percent on my cornflakes. Well, that’s the report from here, now over to Fred in Anchorage. WA7NUU.”

Top that, Twitter.


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