There’s lots of geeks out there who can blog, FB, Instagram all on their smartphone while rebuilding their desktop with the other hand. But I have the original geek card: a ham radio license dating back to 1969. My original call sign as a “Novice” was WN7NUU. When I upgraded to “Advanced” there was a slight change to WA7NUU. I’ve declined the opportunity to pay for a special vanity call sign, as I’ve grown comfortable with my “Nothing Un Usual” signature.

I don’t use ham radio much anymore, though the hobby appears to be thriving. Despite the availability of the internet, talking to the other side of the world on “shortwave” frequencies still provides a thrill. And hams were the first to spew completely meaningless information world-wide.

You think Twitter is full of drivel? Here’s how a shortwave “roundtable net” might go on a Sunday morning.

“Good morning all on the net from WA7NUU here in Olalla, Washington. The weather here is good but things are a little tough around the house today. We’re out of whole milk and I had to use two-percent on my cornflakes. Well, that’s the report from here, now over to Fred in Anchorage. WA7NUU.”

Top that, Twitter.


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