Ahh…technology. And, like the mortgage commercial says, a little competition between banks.

In the 1990’s I tried doing some freelance media training, and the banks were hor169701 Squarerified at the thought of me taking credit cards for tuition. I wasn’t selling a physical product and hadn’t been in business for 20 years. “Not possible,” was the response. The fact that I hadn’t bounced a check since I was 17 and had a very good credit rating didn’t matter.

FF to 2016, and it’s time to start selling some books. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but “The Square.” A little gizmo that plugs into my iPhone to let me take credit cards for books. Best of all, they’re frothing at the mouth to get me to use it.

The device works as advertised and couldn’t be simpler to set up. If you’re in any kind of business, even a hobby that you try to justify with a few sales, it’s worth getting.

# # #

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