Super-secret spies have a procedure, called “sign/countersign” for identifying each other in the dark and dangerous world of an enemy’s capitol city. It’s a scripted conversation that, upon completion, lets both parties know they’ve met the right person.

Spy #1: I like a moonless night.160701 SpyvSpy

Spy #2: So do the fireflies.

Hugs follow, or at least they don’t kill each other with silenced Lugers.

We dog handlers need a secret code to identify real handlers from the wannabes. So here’s what I propose:

Sign: “What’s the only thing two dog handlers can agree on?”

Countersign: …wait a minute, this is a spy story. You have to figure out the countersign.

Pop on over to my web site at Look around and find the countersign. It’s on one of the pages. Once you’ve found it, head back to the Sierra the Search Dog Facebook page and post it in the comments. The first person to do so will win a Sierra the Search Dog ballcap.

160701 BallcapGot it? Head off to the web site, find the secret phrase, post it on the FB page, win a ballcap.

It couldn’t be simpler. And if you’re a dog handler, I think you’ll get a laugh out of the countersign.

# # #


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