I’m spending the week in toasty Las Vegas at a conference of  mystery writers. I am getting great information and taking lots of File Jul 15, 2 53 36 PMnotes. But as I was catching up my notes on a break I sensed someone standing beside me.

Then, I noticed a copy of my book on the table near me. I didn’t recall getting it from my supply at the back of the room, but I figured I needed to get it back with the others.

Finally, it clicked for my aging brain! The person had purchased my book at the conference “bookstore” and was seeking an autograph. They were quietly standing at my elbow, saying nothing, while I typed. I ’bout broke my arm getting it signed for them!

Family and friends have been very gracious about asking for autographs, but this was the first complete stranger. I gotta admit, that was a rush. I made sure to note that we’d met at a conference so he’d later have some memory of our interaction. And then, I looked at the stacks of books at the “bookstore” table. My stack’s getting smaller.

This author stuff is fun.

# # #

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