I’d heard of such a thing, but I didn’t really believe it existed. A couple weeks ago I saw one for myself and was flabbergasted. No, it wasn’t a unicorn, they’re a dime a dozen.

It was an actual Garmin 60Cs GPS unit.  Not the 60Csx that is the grandfather of all modern GPS units. It was during production of the 60Cs that Garmin changed the game, and put new technology into later versions. They made significant upgrades that allowed the units to work effectively in heavy Western Washington tree cover. To differentiate, they added an “x” to the model number of the improved versions.

A friend in SAR was complaining that his GPS didn’t work in the trees. “What model do you have?” I inquired. “A 60, just like everybody else,” was the response.

“Bring it to me.” He did and there it was: a 60Cs logo without the “x.” I was holding it in my hand. Indiana Jones would have been proud, though this wasn’t the holy grail. In fact, it’s a very expensive paperweight unless you’re using it in a boat.

That said, if you can find a 60Csx somewhere online, and the seller assures you it’s in good working order, buy it. It’s not only all the GPS you’ll ever really need, but it might have collector value someday. It’s that good. Just be careful to look for the “x.”

# # #